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When you are the victim of an accident that is another person’s fault, there is no amount of money that can ever truly make things right. When you're injured, you may be in pain for months or even longer. You might lose time at work, and even have lifelong disabilities – which means less income. Luckily, the personal injury attorneys at Alexander & Associates are ready to help you obtain compensation for all that you’ve been through.

Our firm has some of the leading Albany personal injury lawyers. We do everything we can to secure you the largest settlement possible to help you financially deal with your injuries. Your settlement helps by:

  • Paying the huge medical bills that can be incurred
  • Helping you pay living expenses while you recover
  • Potentially getting additional monetary damages for long-term effects of your injury

If you’ve been injured and you think someone else may be to blame, it’s critical that you retain the services of a tough and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. Personal injury law can get complicated and should not be handled by an amateur. In just about every personal injury claim, you will be facing the negligent party’s insurance company. While they should compensate you fairly for your damages, they almost never will unless forced to. This is where we come in. We work with insurance companies every day, and our Albany personal injury lawyers are experienced in getting results.

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We can help you with just about any area of personal injury, including:

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