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Pick up any newspaper or tune into the nightly local newscast, and you quickly see that accidents happen all the time in Troy and all across New York. Pile-ups on the freeway, someone injured badly on the job or a tragedy in a car or truck accident.

Accidents are part of life, and in the United States there are 23 million accidents reported each year – and these are just the people who end up in the emergency room. If you have been injured, and there is a good chance that someone else is to blame, contact the tough Troy personal accident lawyers at Alexander & Associates. Personal injury cases are all that we represent. Why? Our firm’s mission is to help people who have been wrongfully injured put their lives back together.

Our Attorneys Focus on Your Personal Injury Claim

We work with personal injury clients all across the city of Troy, and we have a high rate of success in winning damages for personal injury victims. We help alleviate pain and suffering by working to get you the financial means to focus on your recovery without worrying so much about:

  • Your lost wages from not being able to work
  • The myriad of medical bills that are piling up every day
  • The stress of worrying about how you and your family will survive

If you have been injured, the first and best thing to do is to call our office at 1-800-529-1333 for a free phone consultation. We are available 24 hours a day, and you can reach us via phone or the chat box in the lower right corner of this web page. We’ll take you through a comprehensive but painless evaluation and help you determine the best course of action for your particular case.

We’re here, and we’ll fight to get what you deserve to put your life back on track.

Call Alexander & Associates and our Troy personal injury lawyers today at: 1-800-529-1333