Preparing for Your Personal Injury Case

Preparing For Your Personal Injury Case

  • Introduction

    Welcome to Preparing for Your Personal Injury Case, a service to you from your attorney. You're reading this because you've been injured and you want to explore your options for compensation. Legal cases such as yours are known as personal injury cases. This study guide will provide an overview of what you can expect if you proceed with your personal injury case. This study guide presents the different steps of pursuing a personal injury case from your initial interview with an attorney, to h

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  • Basic Facts About Personal Injury Cases

    In personal injury cases, the law states that you are entitled to seek compensation for injuries and any permanent disabilities or loss of earning capacity you suffer because of someone else's negligence. To win your case, your attorney must persuade the other side that the injury was caused by negligence of the extent to which you have been harmed, and that you deserve to be compensated. Because the vast majority of personal injury cases are settled before a lawsuit is even filed, do not wor

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  • The Truth Behind Some Personal Injury Case Myths

    1Q. To win your case, your attorney must prove the extent to which you have been harmed. 1A. True. 2Q. Most personal injury cases go to trial. 2A. False. Most personal injury cases do not go to trial. 3Q. You should tell your family members and friends about your case. This way, if they're contacted by an insurance company, their version of events will be the same as yours. 3A. False. You should speak only to your attorney about your case. 4Q. Last year, your sister was in a car accident

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  • How To Prepare For Your Personal Injury Claim

    Prepare a list of all medical professionals who have treated you. Be sure to include complete names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Give this list to your attorney as soon as possible. Keep track of all out-of-pocket expenses, such as medical bills, supplies, and prescriptions. Your attorney will need receipts for these expenses before your case can be settled. When answering your lawyer's questions, try to describe how your life has changed since you were injured. Are there things you can'

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  • Personal Injury Lawyer Lingo: Understanding Your Personal Injury Case

    Attorney/Client Privilege: A client's privilege to refuse to disclose communication between the client and his/her attorney. This privilege protects communications between the attorney and client made for furnishing or obtaining professional legal assistance. Client Statement: A statement that you prepare for your attorney that describes how you were injured, the extent of your injuries, and anything else you think is relevant to your case, including how your life has been affected. A client

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  • Working With Your NY Personal Injury Attorney

    To achieve the best results, you must be willing to form a partnership with your attorney. You can help your attorney by following these guidelines: Be 100 percent honest. Give your attorney everything, including facts you think are irrelevant, stupid, or embarrassing. Be prepared for your lawyer to evaluate your credibility. Only by testing your credibility and that of the defendant will your attorney be able to properly advise you about the merits of your claim. Discuss your goals for the

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